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Consultancy and bespoke support

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As well as live courses and self-paced CPD, I work directly with primary schools to provide school improvement support, usually with senior and middle leaders. Schools often find it useful to add additional capacity and expertise to their team, e.g. external coaching, professional dialogue on specific topics, partnership work, working party facilitation, leadership development. The support can be a single session or a programme of support across the year. Support can start at any time, no need to wait for a new school year.

"Thank you for a really useful day. I know the phase leaders, and myself, found it really inspiring." Headteacher - session designed to develop the role of phase leaders.

“Thank you for being so generous in your support.  I have been inspired and energised to keep going.  Truly a well timed and informative session that I can practically put into practice for IMPACT.” 1:1 support for Deputy Headteacher.


"I found the process on Friday so useful. It is some of the best CPD I've had for a long time and it helped me to be really clear about next steps etc. It was lovely to work with you as it is always." Headteacher following a review of pupil work and strategising on curriculum implementation.

“Thank you for all the support Vicky!  All day you have been extremely knowledgeable in answering all my questions.” Deputy Headteacher related to pupil premium and closing the gap for disadvantaged pupils sessions.

 "I really enjoyed the conversation and it's come at a key time! Thankyou for your clarity and kindness." Phase leader.

“I liked having time to really think about what I am doing well and what areas I still need to improve.  I really enjoyed it.” Subject leader bespoke support. "We are really pleased with how well the inspection went - lots of hard work has been put in over the last few years, so great to get the report we recieved. Thank you for your part in it - the subject leaders were confident and knew their subjects inside out!" Headteacher (a mix of HT conversations, subject leader training, and 1:1 sessions across the year).

How can I support you? As a school improvement consultant with many years of experience, I am able to provide flexible training and support on a wide range of needs. If you are unsure if my expertise is a match for you, why not email me your support requirements. As the majority of my work centres around leadership, it often cuts across different areas of school life, e.g. supporting a DHT with plans to close the gap for disadvantaged pupils, or working with senior leaders and subject leaders on curriculum implementation. The schools I support appreciate my wide ranging experience and knowledge base. I very much see school improvement work as a partnership which recognises and appreciates everyones contributions, skills, talents and knowledge base.

I am particularly interested in how acadmic performance of pupils can be improved and how high-standards can be achieved in the classroom. I work with leaders to consider how whole school actions and leadership direction can bring about an improvement at a pupil level.


School improvement support can be purchased in blocks, e.g. a whole day, half-day or twilights. Additional 1:1 professional dialogue and coaching sessions can be added: 90 minute sessions. Discounts are provided for schools booking multiple days.

Support can be for individuals, teams or larger groups. However, impact tends to be higher when the group size is no more than eight people. If you have leaders from across a group of schools who wish to have training on a particular topic, why not get in touch regarding your needs.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

If you have not worked with me before, why not book a 'discovery meeting' to see how I can be of assistance.  Choose a date and time to discuss your requirements and ask questions about the service you can expect.

Or, if you are a school who has worked with before but you have a new project in mind, book a 1 hour discovery meeting to map out the deliverables.

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