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Evidence - What works in the classroom

Download a summary document of all 14 areas.
Download a summary document of all 14 areas.
Download a reflection sheet.

There are hundreds of studies that shed light on which teaching approaches and environmental factors are most beneficial for the development of writing.  In KS2, the 14 elements listed in the table above are significant contributing factors to pupil progress.

 You should ask yourself,

1. What do I already know about these 14 elements?  How can I strengthen my knowledge and understanding of high impact approaches and environmental factors?

2.  How could I use this knowledge to my advantage?  What tweaks or changes my teaching might improve outcomes for pupils?  What conversations with colleagues might help me to develop my practice?

When considering the balance of writing, we have already considered the importance of having the time and opportunity to write.  Quantity of writing - makes a difference to pupil progress.  They need lots of opportunities to write.  However, as previously discussed, it is not the only factor.  We considered the importance of balancing pre-writing, writing and post writing lessons and activities.  Most of the 14 areas above would fit into pre and/or post writing lessons.

Pupils planning before writing

This is particularly important for lower ability and SEN writers.  When we devote more time to planning we achieve a 21 percentile jump in the quality of writing produced!  Wow!  That should make us stop and think.  Planning comes in many shapes and sizes.  It can be anything to an intensive storyboard to a quick discussion with a partner.  It depends on what the writing task is, what elements the teacher is focusing on, the needs of the pupil and the current level skill level of the class.

Question : Why, if we know how much impact planning has on the quality of writing produced, do pupils and teachers spend such little time on this aspect?  When conducting book reviews, it is easy to see times when more planning and preparation would have led to better quality writing.  What are the difficulties?