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Online study option for school leadership development

Deputy Headteacher Programme

I offer two different training options for Deputy Headteacher professional development.  One option, is 'live' training via zoom with Deputy Headteachers from a range of schools in small cohorts.  The other is self-paced, online learning programmes.  In both cases, 1:1 coaching, advice and support can be added into the DHT programme.

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Online study

  • Video tutorials from Vicky Crane.

  • Think pieces to stimulate leadership thinking.

  • Optional workbooks to help solidify your thinking.

  • Leadership tools - materials that can help you implement leadership theory and thread new thinking into your daily life as a leader.

  • Reflection processes and reflection tools.
  • Personalised support from Vicky.

  • The option to add additional 1:1 sessions.

  • Certificates on completion (for each module and course as a whole).

There are 6 study modules.  One study module is released each half-term, although there is no time limit on how many times you can return to previous modules. 

Each module can be studied at three different levels. 

  • Big Picture (1-2 hours),

  • Development (taking 9 hours to complete) and

  • Deeper Learning (an additional 3 hours taking the total to 12 hours).

Certificates are offered for each module and the course as a whole.

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6 modules across the year:

  1. What is special about the role of the Deputy Headteacher?  Understanding your remit.

  2. Communication at a DHT level. Effective interactions, and developing relationships with different stakeholders. Working effectively with the Headteacher.

  3. The DHTs role in school improvement, including consideration for utilisation of data, school self-evaluation activities, and change management.

  4. Leading whole school developments; consideration for your remit as a DHT; maximising the impact of others; harnessing motivational theory.

  5. Personal effectiveness, e.g. delegation, time management, prioritisation, leadership style, day-to-day working practices, leading and being part of teams; emotional intelligence to support self-management; self-care and well-being.

  6. Setting and achieving high standards: different types of standards, e.g. internal, external; setting and communicating standards across different areas of school life; the development, role and implementation of policies; raising expectations; challenging conversations; accountability.

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Experienced Deputy Headship.jpg

Training for more experienced DHTs

As an experienced DHT, you will have already attended a variety of leadership training courses and therefore this programme is pitched to take learning beyond this. The course is designed to continue to expand your knowledge base, but also offer structured methods of reflecting on leadership theory.  Colleagues attending training at this level have commented that every session has been immensely useful.

There are six modules, one released each half-term.  There is no limit to the number of times a module can be returned to.  Each module is presented at three levels:

  • Big Picture (1-2 hours),

  • Development (taking 9 hours to complete) and

  • Deeper Learning (an additional 3 hours taking the total to 12 hours).
    By being able to self-select activities, tutorials and reading materials, you can tailor the course to build on your current levels of knowledge and skill.

Certificates are offered for each module and the course as a whole.  

6 sessions for experienced DHT course.jpg

The six modules are:

  • Culture - curse of cure;

  • Leading leaders - the multiplier effect;

  • Strategy and motion;

  • Relationships and people management;

  • Complexity, plurality and simplicity;

  • Crossing the finishing line.

Each module can be completed in its entirety, or you can select aspects most relevant to you.  There are video tutorials, think pieces, leadership tools, advice booklets and reflection processes.  There are some exceptional tools included in the course that really help leaders to be analytical about themselves and the school.

9 areas of DHT programme.jpg

To deepen and broaden learning, the programme provides an opportunity for participants to consider the leadership skills, leadership thinking and leadership behaviours they are drawing on:

  • today,

  • sometimes,

  • every day, and

  • those they wish to draw on in the future. 

It draws on 9 areas of leadership that are specific to the ICTWAND CATALYST programme.  These 9 lenses can be used to consider leadership as a whole and leaders can consider how each links to the 6 modules.

nine areas DHT programme.jpg

If you are concerned about learning online - let me reassure you.  

support_for_exp_leadership_ journey.jpg

Are you an experienced DHT?   Choose the CATALYST 'self-paced' training programme.

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