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Phase Leader Training

I provide phase leadership training courses and one-to-one support for phase leaders. You can join an open phase leadership course, studying with colleagues from other schools in the UK, or a bespoke programme of phase leadership training can be delivered for leaders in your school or MAT. 


Phase leaders play a critical role in: bringing to life school policies, ensuring the day-to-day smooth running of teams, effective deployment of resources, and supporting colleagues to feel a sense of belonging.  Phase leaders are vital in creating a team ethos and establishing a happy, thriving workplace.  Phase leaders deal with the cut and thrust of daily school life and as such it is essential to equip colleagues with the leadership skills necessary for this role. 

Open phase leader courses

5 half-day training sessions across the year delivered via zoom with phase leaders from a range of schools.  This is ideal for new phase leaders.  Get in touch for details of the next start date.

Bespoke phase leader training

A course can be designed specifically for your school or MAT.  This is ideal for developing 'teams' as well as individual leaders.  This is a very popular and highly regarded approach to providing leadership training.

One-to-one phase leader support

90-minute sessions every term, tailored to assist leaders in achieving their personal leadership objectives. Or, opt for 60-minute weekly sessions over a designated period to provide more intensive support for a leader facing a specific challenge.

Phase Leader training

  • Live Zoom training sessions led by Vicky Crane, catering to small groups for personalised attention.

  • STARS STIMULUS materials for leaders with a focus on Skills, Thinking, Application, Reflection, and connections.

  • Optional workbooks to consolidate learning.

  • Comprehensive leadership tools to implement theory into practice.

  • Reflection processes and tools for ongoing personal and professional development.
  • Personalised 1:1 support from Vicky.

  • Certificate of completion, recognising your commitment to phase leader CPD.

Benefits of phase leadership training with Vicky Crane: For headteachers, knowing that colleagues are receiving a full package of phase leadership training and support, that they have the opportunity for headspace to think about leadership, and tools that will help them to be successful is fantastic.  Phase leaders undertaking this training have a much higher appreciation of how important it is for leaders to work together.  They grow in confidence and have higher levels of impact.

Across the year a number of themes are tackled as part of the phase leader training course:

  1. Understanding phase leadership, including the demands of the role.  What is effective leadership?  What does it mean to be a phase leader? How can you build a profile of your current strengths and areas for development? The training will help you ensure that your phase operates smoothly on a day-to-day basis.  We will cover the difference between leadership and management and what this means for you as a phase leader.  The training will help you to appreciate how your role fits into the bigger picture of whole school leadership and support you in building a vision and a action plan for your team.

  2. Building and sustaining positive phase teams.  What do successful leaders do to build and sustain high-performing, happy teams?  How can you utilise emotional intelligence to build more effective relationships and achieve positive team dynamics?  Effective communication, including running effective team meetings is considered as part of phase leadership training.

  3. Supporting colleagues to achieve their best.   1) An introduction to motivational theory.  2) How to set and communicating standards for your phase. 3) Dealing with challenges, including holding others to account and having difficult conversations.  

  4. Knowing your phase.  Undertaking school self-evaluation from a phase perspective;  working cooperatively with other leaders to ensure improvements and high standards are achieved in the phase; communicating your findings to others and planning next steps for development.

  5. Personal efficiency and effectiveness. Understanding yourself as a leader; managing your time effectively; evaluating your impact.

  6. Reflection.  Drawing together the strands of the course and utilising tools to help you assess current strengths and future goals.  Considering what sustains you as a leader.  

The following testimonials demonstrate the value of phase leader training:

Clarity: “Really informative and engaging sessions. The tasks helped me to focus my thinking in terms of phase and school wide issues. Great discussions with Vicky and leaders from other schools which have helped me to plan exact actions going forward.”


Application: “The chance to plan a focused line of enquiry for monitoring and improving the phase was excellent.”

Guidance: “Excellent guidance. Very interesting and informative. As always I’m leaving buzzing with ideas and a plan of action.”

Knowledge : "The course has widened my knowledge base in a number of areas including creating visions, setting goals, reflection on goals, planning and delivering meetings, communication and having difficult conversations. One area in which my knowledge has improved greatly is self leadership and the importance of effective self reflection time using various strategies."

Team management: "The biggest impact for me has been my ability to manage a team, have difficult conversations with increasing confidence and reflect on myself as a leader."

Confidence building: "The CPD has given me the confidence to believe that I can be a leader. The numerous strategies have empowered me to become more confident, self assured and reflective. Knowing how to have difficult conversations and manage conflict has given me encouragement to hold members of my team accountable when perhaps I would have shied away from this before the training."

The small group nature of the phase leadership training allows online live zoom sessions to be effective.  Plus, excellent design of each session ensures meaningful online and offline tasks to keep participants engaged and learning.  Great use of tools, such as online whiteboarding to facilitate individual and group thinking.  Supplemented with materials that can be printed or viewed on screen helping everyone to work in a way that suits them.

Training atmosphere created live online: "Engaging, informative, honest, open, understanding and supportive. Able to share and communicate any elements of practice and personal challenges to the trainer."

Activities live online: "Great interactive activities, lots of opportunities to think and then share as a group."

Get in touch to design phase leader training for your school or for details of upcoming phase leadeCPD.  

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