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Handwriting Programme

Teach cursive handwriting easily and effectively with this cost effective, superb handwriting programme from ICTWAND.  The handwriting programme is firmly rooted in best practice and handwriting research.  It sets out the most effective way to run a handwriting session and then provides everything the teacher needs to implement the approach.  Modelling of handwriting can be played on a large screen on a loop, freeing up the teacher to work 1:1 with pupils and circulate around the class providing individual feedback on handwriting.  

You'll be amazed at the handwriting progress pupils achieve!


Video recordings that can be played on a loop using Debbie Hepplewhite handwriting style.  

COMMON WORDS demonstrated

Handwriting videos and activities based on common joins, short words, and the top 100 high frequency words.


Printables for each group of letters to support handwriting practice.  Extra videos and activities for tricky joins.  Older pupils can access at home.


Use lined paper / exercise books to suit the individual child for line spacing.

Handwriting automaticity is critical for ensuring pupils can make progress in English and impacts on outcomes across the curriculum.  Don't delay - get help today for handwriting development.

Our handwriting programme promotes mindfulness with steady, careful practise that focuses on achieving quality.  You'll be amazed how pupils enjoy it as a break from the bustle of other lessons.

The handwriting programme includes video recordings of letters, letter joins, letter groups, short words and the 100 most common words which means the teacher is free to circulate and provide individual help, feedback and support.

An amazing array of classroom handwriting resources.

  When pupils have mastered a particular letter / letter join / letter group, the teacher can move on, enabling teachers to set the pace for their class and ensure mastery is achieved.

It is easy for teachers to add in additional handwriting practice for individuals or small groups.  Sections can be revisited at any time with the whole class or with small groups.  Videos can be displayed on a large screen on individual iPads.  One iPad can be used with a small group so that pupils can hone their skills for a particular letter, letter join or letter group, making it perfect for supporting teaching assistants in delivering handwriting interventions.


Home access to develop handwriting can also be provided for older pupils.  Support your teachers and pupils to develop handwriting automaticity.

Current offer: Just £700 + VAT for all teachers and TAs in your school. 

This is a one-time fee - no need to pay again each year.  You can also book a 1-hour meeting with Vicky included in the cost to help you get started or leadership support sessions can be booked to take place throughout the year.


2 handwriting research blog.jpg

The handwriting programme starts with theory so that the hearts and minds of teachers, TAs and school leaders can be convinced of why it is essential to teach handwriting systematically and commit time, money and resources to achieving handwriting automaticity.

The main handwriting programme includes:

  • Videos showing live modelling of handwriting for every letter of the alphabet.

  • Videos showing live modelling of handwriting short words that contain the target letter.

  • Videos of live modelling of handwriting the 100 most common words.

  • Extra videos for q, j, z, u, n, k (which are the most tricky letters for pupils to master).

  • Printable worksheets.


The number of videos is particularly important for ensuring improvements are made in handwriting.  Researchers have found that live or recorded modelling is one of the key ingredients in handwriting development.

Another important element in handwriting development is the use of clear visuals that pupils can refer to, preferably on the table rather than just on screen.  As the handwriting programme is based on the Debbie Hepplewhite font, also provided are cue cards for all letters and various cue card mats which can be printed and laminated.  There is also the opportunity to purchase the font so that teachers can use this in worksheets such as spelling lists.

(Please note that the school will need to purchase the Debbie Hepplewhite scheme of work which is about £20 to cover access to all the cue cards.)

Handwriting Programme CPD.jpg

The handwriting programme includes a CPD section so that teachers can understand the structure of an ideal handwriting lesson.  It also helps to win hearts and minds as to why handwriting is so important.


Rather than the teacher being tied up with live modelling - the video clips can be played on the classroom screen.  Free up the teacher to circulate and support.  Research has shown that what the adult is saying whilst modelling the handwriting is particularly important.  The think aloud is simple and easy for pupils to remember.  It covers individual letters but is also used in video clips of short words.


An important part of the video style is 'real'.  The videos are not designed to be computer generated perfect models that are unattainable for children.  Instead they show a real person who is also learning the Debbie Hepplewhite font.  Pupils can see that improvements are possible and a new handwriting style is attainable.  Keeping it real is important.  Pupils have to understand that perseverance and practice is required to develop automaticity.

To ensure the transfer of good handwriting from 'practice sessions' to 'everyday automaticity' it is important to practice writing short words.


There are no workbooks, but there are printables should you need them.  However, the main way of working is directly onto lined paper or exercise books.  This means that you can choose line size, line guides and paper sizes to match the needs of individual pupils.


There are no handwriting workbooks. Pupils write directly onto paper or a handwriting book. This allows you to choose a line size and paper size that is right for each individual pupil and to gradually reduce the line size as they are ready.  You can download and print worksheets linked to the videos for extra support for pupils or as extra practice.

Whilst some handwriting schemes may promote jazzy pictures and cartoons, this focuses on efficient and effective practice without the frills. Whilst teachers often worry handwriting can be boring, in fact many pupils find the quiet purposeful task almost like a mindfulness session and have enjoyed the chance just to focus on one process rather than the complexities of some of the tasks they face during the day!


"Visiting teachers looking in on classrooms have asked if the pupils are having a test because it is so quiet and pupils are concentrating so hard."


You can watch more examples taken from the handwriting programme to see if it is something that would be right for your school by clicking 'preview' on the teachable course page.


If you are still unsure, get in touch to have your questions answered.

Handwriting pricing table.jpg

Your school can be invoiced for the handwriting programme or buy online.  Prices above are + VAT.  Please note that you will also need to purchase the Debbie Hepplewhite scheme of work (approx £20) plus I would advise the purchase of the Debbie Hepplewhite font (approx £75).

The handwriting package is fantastic value because it is my way of making a commitment to eradicating handwriting issues for pupils.  It is not an annual fee, just a one time payment.  If you are a two or three form entry school and still unsure, why not try one class using this new format as part of action research.  Prove to yourself that it works. 

Note:  Handwriting development will only be success if -

  • Teachers fully commit to developing handwriting and understand the impact handwriting has on academic achievement, self-efficacy and pupil confidence.

  • 15 minutes a day are devoted to handwriting development until automaticity and style are secure, and from then on is 'topped up' on a regular basis with structured practice.

  • There is a focus on quality formations not just quantity.

  • Handwriting lessons are structured to follow best-practice identified by researchers.

All of this is possible with this handwriting programme.

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