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Headteacher Support

What type of headteacher support can you anticipate from me?  First and foremost, I am an 'improvement specialist' and an educationalist. I have broad experience of supporting primary headteachers, from skilled veterans to those new to role.  I believe that every primary headteacher needs someone who has faith in them, listens to them, challenges them when needed, acts as a professional 'sounding board' and supports them as they walk the path of headship.  Someone who they can trust to have high integrity and high levels of education knowledge so that conversations and support is meaningful and does make a difference.  


Each person I work with has a unique history that has brought them to the role of headteacher and over their time as a head, their needs change.  I act as a versatile and dynamic professional partner, embodying the roles of mentor, advisor, and confidant depending on what you need. A constant thread is one of aiding performance, for you and for your school.

What type pf headteacher support do you need right now?  How is this the same or different from previous years?  How might you envisage your support needs being different in the future?

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  • Personalised Support: Tailored to your unique journey, whether you're pursuing national qualifications in executive headship or navigating the daily challenges of leading a school as a new headteacher.

  • Keeping it real: The reality in which you operate is tough.  I work to understand your context, your team, your challenges.  I work with you on the most important next steps forward.

  • Active Listening & Challenge: I'm here to listen, understand, and challenge you, pushing you towards greater heights in your professional journey.  

  • Guidance & Expertise: I have extensive knowledge of school improvement that I am happy to share with you in different ways, e.g. guide, advisor, part of the team, sounding board.

  • Adaptive Assistance: My support varies based on your needs, ensuring relevance and effectiveness at every step of your career.

  • Impartial Advice & Fresh Perspectives: I provide unbiased advice and new viewpoints, helping you see solutions and opportunities you might have missed.

  • Support During Tough Times: When challenges intensify, so does my support. I'm committed to being there for you, especially when you need it most.

  • Leadership Growth: Focused on nurturing your leadership abilities, I am dedicated to helping you develop and grow as an effective, inspiring headteacher.

Starting with an initial consultation, you can design a package of headteacher support that is right for you and your school context. 

As a strategic partner, I can help you think through complex issues, support you in unravelling problems, and assist you in navigating the challenges of headship.  Headteacher support can take many forms. From data analysis to coaching, from school development planning to emotional support that helps you to keep going in a demanding, and sometimes lonely role.  My support is broad, balanced, inspiring and grounded in reality.

My headteacher support service transcends traditional consultancy; it's a collaborative partnership. It’s about harnessing complementary skills and tapping into a wealth of expertise to extend the capabilities of your Senior Leadership Team. Add me to your circle of headteacher support.

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I offer a range of services, including coaching, leadership development and bespoke training.

Headteacher support 

  • Coaching

  • Professional dialogue

  • Termly reflection exercises

  • Support for school development planning

  • Facilitation of a working party

  • Carrying out reviews and gathering information

  • Headteacher performance management

  • Support for strategic thinking and school development planning

  • Data analysis

  • Problem analysis

  • Leadership development

  • Strategic thinking sessions

Whilst the list of headteacher support services may seem standard, the approach and quality is what makes the difference.  Build a headteacher support relationship that makes these things truly work for you.

I view my position as that of an 'enabler'—someone who actively supports you in achieving your own personal goals and the goals of the school.

Headteacher support

Coaching can be offered as a stand alone service or be part a wider headteacher support package.  I offer different types of coaching options for headteachers and senior leaders.  Create a package of support that is right for you and your team. 

Headteacher Training

There are many different types of headteacher training that school leaders typically access in an academic year.  Often, these sessions are designed to keep you up-to-date.  However, it may be that you want to develop a specific aspect of leadership, and in these cases you may find that bespoke 1:1 training could meet your needs.  If this is something you feel you would benefit from, get in touch. 


Headteacher training can also be provided for groups of headteachers who wish to work together, either providing facilitation for deep thinking on important matters, or by providing input and training activities.

Bespoke leadership training packages can also be designed and delivered for Deputy Headteachers, Assistant Headteachers,  phase leaders.  This can help develop teamwork as well as leadership skills.

Providing support by zoom and telephone allows me to offer flexible session lengths, from a quick chat to a full day, and enables me to support colleagues based anywhere in the UK.  I am often in the West Yorkshire region, but I can travel to engage in on-site activities.  Support can also be provided at evenings, weekends or during school holidays.

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