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Vicky Crane

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Vicky Crane is an experienced school improvement consultant.

I have had the good fortune to undertake diverse roles over the last twenty years including a range of leadership and local authority advisory roles. Each job has deepened and broadened my knowledge of education. This range of experiences has enabled me to now work as an independent consultant and trainer; a job I love. Every day I learn something new and every day I have the opportunity to help others - which is extremely rewarding and motivating.  One of my strengths is the breadth of understanding I bring to training sessions, enabling me to support emerging leaders to established headteachers and provide insights into teaching and learning from EYFS to Year 6.  My areas of expertise sit rooted in leadership and teaching & learning. 

I enjoy the luxury of being able to study and research key educational issues to a level and depth that is hard for those working full time in school to achieve. I love challenge and love learning, particularly academic study (which accounts for the library of books I possess and the hours I spend listening to audio books). Tapping into this knowledge base is one of the reasons schools choose to use external consultants.  The courses I design are built on a firm and board base of research and good practice.


I have also had the privilege of observing hundreds of lessons and have worked alongside some excellent senior and middle leaders in assessing current practice. Every classroom I visit deepens my appreciation for the complexities of learning and helps me to join the dots between educational research, strategic leadership and classroom practice. I know that leaders I work with appreciate being able to engage in professional dialogue with someone who has seen practice across a diverse range of schools.

I have experienced education from the view point of different stakeholders including being a Chair of Governors for a large primary school in Leeds. It was a challenging and rewarding role which provided me with a different perspective on school improvement and a deeper appreciation for the day-to-day and strategic challenges headteachers and schools as a whole face. It also enabled me to experience Ofsted inspection from a different position. My freelance role often involves me working at a leadership level, e.g. supporting headteachers with performance management; working with phase leaders to develop leadership capacity; supporting leaders to develop and implement whole school solutions to challenging issues, such as closing the gap for disadvantaged pupils; and delivering projects on themes such as metacognition and growth mindsets. In addition, my role also involves working at a classroom operational level, particularly on aspects of reading and writing. I enjoy working with key stage teams and middle leaders to develop whole school practice. Looking at educational issues from both a teacher and leadership perspective keeps my feet firmly rooted in reality. This ensures that when undertaking school reviews they focus on the 'what' as well as the 'how'. It also ensures the training I deliver is practically minded.

I continue to gain enormously from every colleague I work with, every organisation I have the good fortune to be involved with and the continued professional development I undertake. Working independently over the last eight years, I have provided training for over 100 schools and thousands of colleagues, particularly schools across the Yorkshire region. Every event is a privilege to deliver and working in schools keeps me committed to designing and delivering solutions that work for busy teachers and leaders.  

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Vicky Crane

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