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Coaching for leaders

Access a range of different types of coaching and design a package of support that is right for yourself as a headteacher or to support other leaders in your school.  Offered remotely, you can choose from 90 minute and 60 minute sessions.

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There are different types of coaching.  I offer a distinct fusion of professional dialogue and coaching, tailored to your challenges.  Form a special coaching partnership and receive invaluable support in your professional life.

* Journey Coaching - Provide the much needed headspace to work on issues that really matter to you. Regular sessions of 60 to 90 minutes with a focus on reflection, examining internal dialogue, interpretation of events, and thinking forward.  Coaching sessions can help you to better understand yourself and your situation, provide much a structure to think through complex matters, and re-charge mental capacity.  Having a safe space to share the challenges of leadership is important for mental well-being.  Having someone to listen that does not work at your school but understands the education context might be just what you need.

* Strengths coaching - This is an incredible, uplifting programme that focuses on positive change by 'naming, aiming and actioning' your strengths as a leader. This coaching helps achieve performance management targets and thrive in your role.  Even seasoned leaders are amazed at how their personal impact improves. Included in this package of support is the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment. This type of conversation can help you better understand your talents and how to capitalise on them, and how to make adjustments that will improve your personal impact.  I have used many systems in the past to analyse leadership, but this is truly amazing when it is linked to coaching.

* Leadership development coaching - a mix of theory, practice, coaching and dialogue on leadership skills and knowledge the leader wishes to develop, e.g. delegation, pedagogical leadership, communication for impact, time management, team building, developing relationships, emotional intelligence, people management, strategic thinking.  The topic(s) are set out at the start of the year and include assessment and tracking of progress.  The sessions can be matched to role and experience to ensure headteachers, deputy headteachers and senior leaders can access leadership development that is right for them.

* Leading a whole school priority coaching - Launch, implement & monitor, evaluate: One-to-one sessions which help leaders to engage in professional dialogue throughout the year linked to a new initiative or project.  This type of coaching supports the leader in achieving a whole school change or a large scale development.  It enables the leader to have support every step of the journey.

*Group coaching:  Small group coaching for 4-6 leaders working together usually on a theme, e.g. communication, teamwork, managing change, accountability, emotional intelligence.  

* Team development: Strength Finder coaching for SLT.  Help colleagues to understand their own strengths.  Then support colleagues to understand each other's strengths.

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Most of the support I currently provide is delivered remotely via zoom.  However, there are options for face-to-face activities at various points in the year for schools purchasing a package of support.

Support can also be provided at evenings, weekends or during school holidays.

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