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Self-Paced CPD For Leaders and Teachers

Increasingly, teachers want to access training that is personalised to their needs, and in primary schools leaders are increasingly seeking training solutions that are phase specific.  Online CPD that teams and individuals can complete either at their own pace, or at a pace mapped out at school level, can support schools to provide teacher CPD that truly makes a difference, particularly when coupled with in-school coaching and effective leadership.  Online CPD is cost effective, but more than this, it offers an opportunity to study at a deeper level with regular intervals for trying out practice in the classroom.  At ICTWAND, we have made a commitment to offer courses that lead teachers and leaders to 'think deeply'. We also believe it is important to ensure courses have a range of practical materials and classroom resources.


Thought provoking think pieces, advice booklets and video tutorials to foster deep thinking that ensures teachers grow and develop as educators.


The courses help teachers to become experts by accessing key knowledge from the education research community.  By completing courses, teachers will gain new knowledge.


Work sequentially through the material or jump to the most relevant parts of the course.  Access training that matches your role and level of expertise and experience.


The courses are are all linked to closing the gap for disadvantaged pupils.  Teachers will be able to implement practice that is of benefit to all pupils, but particularly so for disadvantaged pupils.

Brilliant self-paced online CPD for leaders and teachers.

  • Online courses are a great way for teachers to develop deep and broad expertise on a topic. 

  • Teachers and leaders can choose from short courses (such as the EYFS boosting language course) to larger, multi-module programmes (such as developing reading comprehension). 

  • These course combine theory and practice to ensure teacher CPD and leadership development has significant impact on pupil outcomes. 

  • The courses are linked to evidence-based approaches for improving the academic performance of disadvantaged pupils. 

  • The courses offer a flexible way to study: alone, with others, or with an instructional coach.


An online training platform provides the opportunity for  personalised study. Colleagues can choose the modules that match their needs and study at a time that is right for them.  Colleagues can train individually or together as a team. Course materials can be returned to again and again. There is an excellent mixture of theory and practice. Tutorials, advice booklets, printables, think pieces and teaching resources all in one place. 


All study sections and resources can be accessed again and again. 


The more teachers and schools can do to ensure that reading comprehension is amazing, the better the outcomes will be for pupils academically and beyond this.  This is our flagship online course dedicated to building expertise.


After conducting my own large scale research, and tapping into research from a wide range of experts, I know handwriting is a key barrier to achieving academic performance.  Join me in a quest to eradicate handwriting issues.

language in eyfs

When pupils have excellent vocabulary, effective language skills and good knowledge they are able to enter into an upward spiral which enables them to make the most of their schooling. Our language programme makes a difference, particularly for disadvantaged pupils.

writing non-fiction

Non-fiction, particularly the writing of information texts, non-chronological reports and explanations texts is challenging for all pupils.  Making progress in writing these texts develops essential life long skills, and a focus on this can be particularly beneficial for disadvantaged pupils.

You can add coaching and leadership support to any of our online training programmes.

Reading comprehension training programme for individuals / new leaders or the whole school

Reading Comprehension Online Training

This is a fantastic and extensive reading comprehension course for individuals (such as the reading leader / English leader) or for the whole school. 


We have made a commitment to provide training that really enables teachers to develop a deep understanding of progression in reading comprehension and therefore teachers and leaders are able to drive up standards.

What can you expect:

  • Increase knowledge of progression in reading comprehension;

  • Grow understanding of how to unpick and address reading comprehension difficulties;

  • Tap into a system of teaching that is effective and can be applied to any book or text;

  • Access a wide range of teaching ideas and classroom resources;

  • Develop a deeper understanding of assessment;

  • Ensure colleagues are experts in key elements of teaching reading comprehension, such as inference skills;

  • Increase knowledge of reading research and best practices that will make a difference to teaching and learning.

How does it work:

  • The menu driven system allows teachers to select the comprehension units most relevant to their needs- based on current skill level, knowledge and experience.

  • Modules can be completed at varying levels of depth - from light touch to intense.

  • Teachers can return to the course as many times as needed, allowing colleagues to build  breadth and depth of knowledge over time and continue to access teaching resources. 

  • The course can be completed as an individual.  The course can be completed with colleagues in your school, allowing you to collaborate and engage in professional dialogue. 

  • The course is also an ideal accompaniment to instructional coaching - if you have identified reading as an aspect of practice to improve, this can help increase your knowledge and provide strategies for improvement. 

Self-paced progression in writing training course
Information texts non chronological reports banner.jpg

Nonfiction writing : online training focusing on info texts

It is difficult to lead staff training that focuses on writing with everyone in the same room at the same time. The needs of the EYFS teacher is very different to the needs of the Year 6 teacher. This course is split into phase sections. This course helps schools to ensure there is progression in writing with a focus on non-chronological reports and information / explanation texts. There are video tutorials, phase specific advice booklets, examples of pupil work, exemplification materials, assessment advice and teaching resources.  Genre knowledge is important for achieving excellent outcomes in writing, for both teacher and pupil.  Developing nonfiction writing is particularly important for disadvantaged pupils.

Handwriting - everything you need to run daily sessions
handwriting banner 2.jpg

Teach Handwriting : A full package of support and resources

Teach handwriting easily and effectively.  This package provides everything you need to teach handwriting to the whole class and to deliver interventions.

Handwriting is a limiting factor for many pupils and can slow down progression in writing and hamper pupils chances of success across the whole curriculum. Handwriting takes up valuable working memory, increases pupil frustration, impacts on pupil confidence. This handwriting programme is video based. Colleagues can play the videos on a loop, freeing them up to circulate around the room supporting pupils. There is modelling for each letter, example letter joins and modelling of short words connected to the target letter. There are videos of the 100 most common words. The handwriting course is based on a firm foundation of research. There are additional printable resources. As the course is online and video based, it can be accessed via iPads for interventions (group / individual). Target Year 5 and 6 pupils can be given access to practice at home.

EYFS - Leader / team training- vocabulary, language, play!

EYFS Boosting vocabulary, language and play - training

This course takes a systematic approach to developing the language and vocabulary needed for high-quality sustained play in provision. Ideally, the video tutorials are watched as a team and used to stimulate professional dialogue. There are case studies examples of how to develop language in provision. This is a mini course, designed to take 2-3 twilights to complete.  If you are seeking to boost language and vocabulary, particularly for disadvantaged pupils - this course is for you.

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