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Reading online CPD

Pricing structure (+ VAT)

Individual user = £300

Small group account - up to 6 users in the same school = £600

Do you need more than 6 users?   Simply multiply the number of accounts by £40.  If you purchase a small group account, you can add in extra colleagues at any time.

For example:

Single form primary school = £800 (up to 20 teachers / TAs)

2-form primary school = £1200 (up to 30 teachers / TAs)

3-form primary school £1600 (up to 40 teachers / TAs)

Do you need more than 40 colleagues to have access to the training? Get in touch for a quote.

Not sure which pricing structure is right for you?  We are happy to provide a quote.

Why choose this course?

  • Depth: This is an extensive course which will enable you to become an expert in teaching reading comprehension.

  • Problem solving: This course will help you to diagnose and solve problems that are holding back pupil progress.

  • Flexibility: The modular design allows you to study at a depth and breadth to suit your role.

  • All year groups: Suitable for colleagues in EYFS through to Year 6 enabling colleagues to study together or individually.

  • Breadth: Looks at a range of topics, including nonfiction and word reading.

  • Range of resources: Video tutorials, audits & checklists, workbooks, printables, think pieces, classroom resources, leadership tools - all at your finger tips.

  • Research & good practice: Based on a firm foundation of research, colleagues can be reassured that the training will have impact.

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