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Reading online CPD

This is an extensive course designed to build expertise.

It is anticipated that colleagues will use the course to study independently and in small groups across an academic year.  Colleagues can dip in and out of the course at any time, e.g. return to particular modules, access classroom resources. - There is no need to renew each year.

Pricing structure (+ VAT)

Individual user = £300

Small group account - up to 6 users in the same school = £600

Do you need more than 6 users?   Simply multiply the number of accounts by £40.  If you purchase a small group account, you can add in extra colleagues at any time.

For example:

Single form primary school = £800 (up to 20 teachers / TAs)

2-form primary school = £1200 (up to 30 teachers / TAs)

Do you need more than 40 colleagues to have access to the training? Get in touch for a quote.

Not sure which pricing structure is right for you?  We are happy to provide a quote.

Why choose this course?

  • Depth: This is an extensive course which will enable you to become an expert in teaching reading comprehension.

  • Problem solving: This course will help you to diagnose and solve problems that are holding back pupil progress.

  • Flexibility: The modular design allows you to study at a depth and breadth to suit your role.

  • All year groups: Suitable for colleagues in EYFS through to Year 6 enabling colleagues to study together or individually.

  • Breadth: Looks at a range of topics, including nonfiction and word reading.

  • Range of resources: Video tutorials, audits & checklists, workbooks, printables, think pieces, classroom resources, leadership tools - all at your finger tips.

  • Research & good practice: Based on a firm foundation of research, colleagues can be reassured that the training will have impact.

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