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This is not pure coaching.  It is a unique blend of professional dialogue, coaching, support and facilitated thinking specifically created for senior leaders.  It comes from a place of believing that colleagues have exceptional talents, abilities, skills and experience and that leaders are able to perform at their best when they happy.  Usually leaders are happy when they are flourishing in their roles, feel confident, are highly effective, are making progress towards their goals, know that they are having a positive impact on others and stress is well managed.  The 90-minute sessions work on these aspects.  They provide headspace and structure with a view to creating happy leaders.

  • A personalised approach helping you to attain your goals.

  • Continue to develop as a leader and achieve personal growth.

  • Feel good about work and aim for a 'flow state'.

  • See issues from a new perspective.

  • Be empowered and rejuvenated.


There are no perfect leaders.  There are no leaders who have 'finished' their journey of growth.  From a brand new leader of a small team to an experienced leader of a multinational company, leaders are forever changing and forever facing new challenges.  Coaching and facilitated thinking helps leaders to perform at their best. We are wonderfully adaptable creatures and can thrive in many different environments, particularly when we are supported to do so.  Our amazing minds need space, structure, good habits, a chance to reflect and opportunities to explore our unique characteristics.  As leaders we need the chance to ponder on phycological issues, consider how we 'lead' and influence other people, and think about our progress towards our goals.  Spend more time in a state of flow by investing 90 minutes in regular eudaimonia sessions.

If there are multiple leaders in your school, you can make savings by booking a full day of support and dividing this into chunks.

Many of my sessions involve using facilitated thinking tools to enable leaders to engage in structured thinking and leave sessions with something tangible.

As leaders, we need to be successful for the pupils in our schools, for the people we work with and for our stakeholders.  We owe it to ourself, and to them, to be the best version of ourselves as we can be and take a structured approach to reflection in a way that helps us achieve eudaimonia.

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