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11 pages of starter stems, over 80 questions, 4 powerpoints, 6 menu cards, 4 anchor prompt sheets for younger pupils and more.

There are 4 PDF files that can used to display a single prompt on the screen for the class. Each has over 20 ‘slides’. There is one for state your opinion, one for active listening, one for clarifying ideas, one for respectful disagreement.

There are 4 'menu cards' A4 size for laminating and putting on tables or giving to individual students. One for each of 'state your opinion, active listening, clarifying ideas and respectful disagreement'.

There are also 2 menu cards for 'maths talk', one for the explainer and one for the questioner.

In addition there is a menu card for 'prove it' a list of useful evidence-based prompts.

I have also added 4 pages of questions aimed at younger children. This means that the resource bundle can be used flexibly across the school.

There is are some evaluation sheets to helps students reflect on their strengths and areas for improvement across the four areas of accountable talk and feedback sheets for teachers.


Accountable Talk

VAT Included
  • Split into four sections : word files, PDF and PPT files.  PDF for easy printing, word and PPT versions for easy editing.

    • State your opinion
    • Clarifying ideas
    • Active listening
    • Respectful disagreement
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