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This course is for EYFS colleagues focusing on how books and a systematic approach to oracy can be used to support vocabulary development, language and knowledge related to areas of provision.  The course also leads to higher quality and more sustained play.  It is excellent as a whole class approach or to target disadvantaged pupils.


Boost creativity, adult levels of support and challenge by accessing this mini course. 


Ideally, the EYFS leader completes the course and then utilises the online materials to lead their own twilights / training sessions for other colleagues in the school, e.g. utilising the video clips, printing and discussing articles, discussing downloadable resources. 

Alternatively, get in touch with to discuss options for setting up multiple accounts at discounted rates so that each person can complete the course self-paced.


Leadership development for EYFS leaders.

Targeting language development for dsiadvantaged pupils.

Closing language and vocabulary gaps.

Improving the quality of sustained play.

Supporting later progress in reading and writing.

EYFS mini course - books & provision

VAT Included
  • Purchasing this course today (by credit card or PayPal) will generate an electronic coupon so that you can join the mini course which is hosted on ictwand.teachable

    UK schools can pay be invoice - simply choose the manual payment option at the checkout or email

    You can see a video advert by clicking on the thumbnail link.

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