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Onset and rime classroom materials.  This resource package is designed to support vocabulary, reading and spelling development for pupils in Years 3 & 4, particularly those pupils who are struggling and need to revise onset and rime / address gaps or improve speed and automaticity.  Reading words aloud, breaking words apart, looking for patterns, paying close attention to the spelling can help pupils map words.  Orthograhic mapping helps improve automaticity.


  • There are no images included.
  • The cards should prove to be a useful resource for discussing differences in word meanings and spellings.

ONSET & RIME for older pupils

VAT Included
    • 130 onset and rime cards. These can be displayed on a screen, printed A4 size or printed multiple slides to a page. There is also a smaller set that are ready to print.
    • Small plain cards are also included for the 130 rimes. These are good to use as flash cards for quick revision or for testing pupils. You can ask pupils to generate their own words based on the rimes.
    • 15 colouring in activity sheets - each sheet contains words with 3 different rimes. Pupils have to colour in the rimes that match.
    • Word reading sheet - these can be used as single sheets or cut up into strips. Pupils can be asked to read the words on the strip.
    • Recording sheet - pupils can be given a rime card and then asked to create words that match that rime.
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