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Improve the teaching of writing nonchronological reports and nonfiction information texts through this excellent writing CPD package.  This course focuses on progression in writing, ensuring teachers in every phase can effective teach writing for this genre.


It is hard to deliver writing CPD to colleagues from EYFS to Year 6 all in the same room and all at the same time!  A flexible approach is needed which is how this mini course came to be produced.  There is a common introduction followed by a section of the course for EYFS, KS1, LKS2, UKS2. Colleagues can access materials from any phase, but the course is split into sections to help colleagues access training that is relevant to their needs.  This allows all colleagues to train at the same time, but on materials relevant to their phase!


The course provides writing CPD for teachers in every phase.  


  • There are video tutorials for teachers, advice and guidance, booklets that can be downloaded and supporting classroom resources. 
  • The course is designed to provide materials that will stimulate professional discussion and help colleagues plan schemes of work. 
  • Ideally, colleagues will discuss the content and train together.


How much time is needed to complete the training?

I would recommend 2 hours of online study and perhaps a further 2 hours for colleagues to work and plan together.  Teachers can dip in and out of the course at relevant points in the year.  If teachers are new to teaching, particularly if they are in Year 6, perhaps a further 2 hours should be allocated for self-study or paired study. The course can be accessed as many times as needed. 


Colleagues across the school could access the materials all at the same time, or the training can be undertaken by phases at a time when information text writing is particularly relevant.


Purchasing this course allows 10 colleagues from the same school to access the online mini course.  Additional accounts can be purchased at a discounted rate from

Progression in writing information texts

VAT Included
  • Purchasing this course today (by credit card or PayPal) will generate an electronic coupon so that you can join the mini course which is hosted on ictwand.teachable

    UK schools can pay be invoice - simply choose the manual payment option at the checkout or email

    You can see a video advert by clicking on the thumbnail link.

    You can watch the introduction to the course which will give you an insight into what you can expect if you purchase this course.

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