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Vicky Crane
Independent consultant
Founder of ICT WAND

Inspire - Facilitate thinking - Empower

Quality support and training - bringing with me my winning smile and passion for learning

Vicky offers a range of teacher and leader CPD, from short sessions to longer-term projects. Vicky has over twenty years of teaching, leadership and consultancy experience in the education sector and understands the demands leaders face in running schools and forging ahead with a school improvement agenda.  She provides training and support for individuals and groups, designs and delivers bespoke training courses, and offers facilitation services to senior leadership teams. 


My mantra is about empowering colleagues and helping teachers and leaders to achieve professional growth.  I believe this is achieved through:

  • looking at issues through the lens of research and practice - one foot firmly placed in the theory and one foot in the practical;

  • encouraging colleagues to: ask questions, be analytical, and evaluate current practice;

  • supporting colleagues to acquire knowledge and develop a deep understanding of educational issues so they can take action with confidence and implement quality solutions;

  • supporting colleagues to think through issues, look at problems from a variety of perspectives, action plan and problem solve;

  • challenge and support in equal measure - high expectations and a continued commitment to collective excellence.


Those who gain the most from CPD are those who have an open mind, a desire for growth and a commitment to achieving their personal / school goals.

Course brochure 2022-23

For leaders and teachers and teaching assistants

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If you have not worked with me before, why not book a 'discovery meeting' to see how I can be of assistance.  Choose a date and time to discuss your requirements and ask questions about the service you can expect.

Or, if you are a school who has worked with before but you have a new project in mind, book a 1 hour discovery meeting to map out the deliverables.

Fantastic whole school online reading CPD

Live Zoom Courses - Book Now

Primary Phase Leadership

4 full days across 2022-23.

£550 per person £2000 for all 4 phase leaders from the same school.


Starts 20th September 2022.

Primary Subject Leadership

1 full day and two half-days across 2022-23. 


£395 first delegate, £300 subsequent delegates. 


Starts 27th September 2022.

Primary AHT leadership

5 half-days
across 2022-23.


  £595 per person.


Starts September 22nd 2022.

Booking for multiple people?  No problem, use the link for the general booking form below.


Pupil Premium - school programe

Create your own training plan to support disadvantaged pupils

  • 1:1 Coaching and mentoring for the senior leader with responsibility for pupil premium - professional dialogue focusing on the school's current strengths and priority areas for development.  

  • Follow-on support / additional capacity can be added to help achieve the plan by working with a range of colleagues in the school.

Some schools want leaders across the school to take responsibility (creating a team approach to solving the issues) and therefore want to offer help and support for middle leaders. 1:1 coaching, mentoring, professional dialogue, training sessions.  Support plans can be drawn up with the leadership team to help strengthen distributed leadership.

  • Practical actions English leaders can take to support disadvantaged pupils;

  • Practical actions Mathematics leaders can take to support disadvantaged pupils;

  • Working with intervention leader/ PP leader to review interventions; 

  • Phase specific practical actions classroom teachers can take.


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Design your own subject leadership support

Design your own programme - delivered via live zoom sessions

  • Half-day and twilight subject leader training delivered via zoom for your school - pick from a range of leadership modules or work with Vicky to design bespoke sessions.

  • 1:1 professional dialogue sessions - coaching, mentoring, leadership conversations (60 mins / 90 mins).  Schools often book a day of support and divide this into 'chunks' for different subject leaders throughout the day.

  • Meetings with senior leader for curriculum - to drive in-school follow-up from subject leader meetings and training events.

  • Training can be a single event or a year-long programme of support.

"I feel I have a clear vision and now know the steps I need to take next as a leader.  I feel inspired.  Thank you for all your support." 

"The resources really solidified the information and helped to drive all points home.  Vicky had some excellent advice and the examples really helped."


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Reading comprehension online course

Online learning course with zoom options

Extensive course for the reading leader and/or the whole school.  Build expertise through individual self-paced learning or work together in teams, e.g. watching video tutorials together, discussing think pieces, reviewing classroom strategies.


  • running effective whole class reading sessions and selecting texts to inspire;

  • tutorials on each of the  ‘big 10’ reading comprehension strategies;

  • practical activities that can be used with any book;

  • exploring barriers to comprehension;

  • strategies for improving word reading;

  • and addressing the demands of the National Curriculum and tests. 

“Extremely useful.  The course is already having an impact on reading.” “I feel totally inspired and determined to improve reading.”  “Wow! Superb – brilliant ideas that I can use straight away in class.”   “Hi Vicky, I am absolutely thrilled with our end of KS2 reading data. Overall 93% of our pupils attained the expected standard in reading with 38% of our pupils working at the higher standard.  Over 20% increase on last year."

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Word Reading review

Support for the reading leader and wider school team

An initial half-day meeting with the English leader / reading leader to help colleagues reflect on current strengths, identify quick wins, and plan a route forward.  

Covering (see flyer for more details):

  • Word reading speed, accuracy and prosody assessments - Assessments can be provided if you don't currently assess all pupils.  Advice on interpreting and acting on results.

  • Review of interventions - can gains be made by switching to high-leverage interventions?  Consideration for best practice.

  • Implementing reading research in EYFS and KS1.

  • Ensuring KS2 day-to-day teaching maximises progress in reading fluency.

Add to the review bespoke support to enable plans to flourish.

“We also continue to have huge successes with reading fluency too, thank you once again with your support.” ; " I have bopped around school all day beaming, at the outstanding reading teaching I have seen, and the progress some of our most vulnerable learners were making both long term, but in front of my eyes.”


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Progression in writing information texts

Online mini course

It is hard to deliver writing CPD to every phase at the same time.  The needs of EYFS teachers are clearly not the same as for teachers in Year 6!  Work in teams by purchasing this online course (£120 including VAT).   There is a common introduction followed by sections for EYFS, KS1, LKS2, UKS2.  Colleagues can access materials from any phase.  

Training video tutorials, guidance and advice, downloadable booklets, supporting classroom resources, assessment materials.  

"I really liked how many practical ideas and suggestions there were. I think there were loads of 'take aways' that staff could pick up and start doing - I liked the resources that span more than one year group idea too. It was also good to see real life examples of pupil work."

If you have more than 10 colleagues who need access to the course, get in touch for discounted rates.

You can purchase the course for your school from our online shop, direct from our teachable online school site or via invoice by emailing us.


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Boost language and vocabulary : EYFS provision

Online mini course

  • This mini online course is aimed at boosting language and vocabulary through areas of provision. 

  • The course will help to teachers to take action which will increase sustained plan and improve the quality of play.   

  • The approach is particularly successful at supporting disadvantaged pupils, EAL pupils and pupils with communication delays.

Ideally, the EYFS leader completes the course first and then uses the materials to

lead twilights / training sessions for other colleagues in the school. This is just £60, or get in touch for a group rate that enables each colleague to have their own account.

Specific examples on: small and large world construction; cars and transport; animal homes; kitchen & home corner; vets - although the principles can then applied to many different areas of provision / topics.


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Developing metacognition through a working party 

A blend of live zoom sessions and online learning


Do you want to develop metacognition in school but are unsure where to start? Turn theory into reality with this practical course that focuses on harnessing the advantages of metacognition. Select a group of colleagues in school (or across a number of schools) to work together across a year.  Participants will grow and develop a deep and thorough understanding of metacognition which they will then be able to use every day in the classroom.   They will then be able to share their good practice with the rest of the school and lead on developments.


“Useful resources and excellent activities that I have been able to use in twilight training sessions in school.  Vicky is a very generous and engaging course leader.”  “Really practical resources.  Lots of activities to take back for immediate and long-term action.”


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CLASSROOM handwriting programme square.jpg

Handwriting Classroom Programme

Online materials

A classroom programme to enable teachers to easily implement 15-minute daily handwriting sessions.  Designed for teachers in Years 1 to 6 and based on the Debbie Hepplewhite handwriting style.  

Videos for all letters.

Videos for short words containing the target letter.

Extra videos for difficult letter formations.

Videos for 100 most common words.

Additional printable resources to support development.

The programme can be run in every classroom in the school.

Excellent value for money and based on research evidence about effective practice.

Focus: stamina, freeing up working memory / automaticity, presentation, confidence, improving writing outcomes.


Get in touch to find out more.


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Courses are all delivered remotely.
Courses can be designed to suit your need across a range of teaching and leadership issues, from single events to year-long programmes.

“After the final session I cannot tell you how many staff burst through my door very inspired by the activities they had been part of. I am delighted by the way this programme has developed all my leaders and managers. I know it will have a lasting impact on everyone who has been a part of it which of course will translate to the continued success of our school. I cannot thank you enough for understanding what I needed to achieve and being able to inspire and engage at such a high level.” Headteacher in reference to a year-long leadership programme.

“Just a quick email to say a massive thank you for the training you did on Tuesday. I have had many positive comments about it and people have made a point of coming to tell me about some things they have tried or changed over the past few days...which is great so thanks very much.” Headteacher in reference to a full training day focusing on reading.


“Just to say a very big thank you for your work on Friday. I very much appreciated your direct approach and your hard work.  I know the day will move the school on in our marking and feedback and increase the impact on pupil progress.” Headteacher in relation to a marking and feedback review day.

“A massive success and I thank you for your first class training and organisation.” Headteacher in relation to a multi school event for over 90 teaching assistants.

“I appreciate everything you've been doing with EYFS and transition. Staff have spoken extremely highly about everything. Both EYFS and KS1 have had successful moderations with the authority, and transition strategies that were worked out with you are going extremely well. You've really helped with helping to move both these key stages forward, and have a really successful year. A real credit to all involved.”  Headteacher in relation to an EYFS / Year 1 writing project.

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