Vicky Crane
Independent consultant
Founder of ICT WAND

Vicky has over twenty years of leadership experience in the education sector and understands the demands leaders face in running schools and forging ahead with a school improvement agenda.  She provides training and support for individuals, designs and delivers bespoke training courses, and offers facilitation services to senior leadership teams.  A full programme of face-to-face courses for 2019-20 are listed below.  If you would like bespoke training delivered in your school, please do get in touch for a quote.



Headteacher: Leadership programme


Six half-day morning sessions across the academic year 2019-20 (Leeds)

These sessions have a focus on discussion and professional dialogue, leadership theory and its practical application in schools,  and educational research and the implications for school improvement.  Each session tackles a number of educational issues through consultant input, resources and talking points.  The sessions are designed to support existing headteachers to hone their leadership skills through activities directly linked to relevant school issues, e.g. curriculum development, teacher workload, creating effective leadership teams, distributed leadership, strategic approach, finance.  It is a leadership development course for existing headteachers who want to continue to challenge themselves. 

Vicky has knowledge and experience of a wide range of school improvement issues and uses this alongside a practical understanding of the day-to-day realities of being a school leader to design sessions that are immensely useful.

"Vicky is a fantastic trainer - very inspirational and knowledgeable."

“The training was brilliantly constructed.  One of the best courses I have attended in years.  I wanted to be challenged and provoked, but also given some new ideas to work with and the day achieved all of this.” 

“A very thought provoking and useful day.  Opportunities to reflect on practice and consider action steps to move forward.” 

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Deputy Headteacher : Key Issues
A programme for existing DHTs


Six half-day sessions across the academic year 2019-20 (Leeds)

Headteacher comments from schools with new and experienced DHTs: “My deputy has found it a very valuable experience and her improved confidence in leadership has been a very positive influence in the school this year.” 


Meeting each half term allows colleagues to grapple with a wide range of complex leadership issues systematically and comprehensively, and provides a chance to reflect and evaluate on progress as the year progresses.   Focused on school impact, this course combines leadership developments with the practical realities of being a DHT.  The course also provides an opportunity to examine up-to-date research and respond to publications by DfE and Ofsted as they are released.  


Comments from deputy headteachers:

“The journey I have been on is amazing.  Thanks for everything.  I would highly recommend this course to others.” “The whole course has provided excellent resources and support in allowing me to develop further as a leader.” “Research, quality of activities, engagement, reflection.  This has been a confidence-building superb course.  I have enjoyed every moment of the course.” “Every session has been immensely useful.” “Lovely atmosphere.  Superb trainer.  Exceeded expectations.  I feel enthused and empowered to make a difference.” 

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Phase Leadership


Four full days across the academic year 2019-20 (Leeds)

This course focuses on leaders having impact beyond their own classroom and influencing the teaching of others.  It supports colleagues to grow and develop their leadership, increase their effectiveness and efficiency, and have the means to evaluate both the quality of their phase and their own leadership.  The course provides leaders with a deeper understanding of the issues for their particular key stage and practical solutions to challenging problems.  It builds knowledge of teaching and learning so that participants feel confident in leading developments. 

“The gap task discussions were great.  I really enjoyed working through complex problems with the support of others”  “Vicky’s whole course was outstanding.”  

“Excellent guidance.  Very interesting and informative.  As always I’m leaving buzzing with ideas and a plan of action.”

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Curriculum development for senior leaders


Friday 20th September & Tuesday 5th November 2019 (two-day course) Leeds

Decisions at senior leadership level need to be made regarding the rationale for the curriculum and developing a clear intent for how pupils will develop skills, knowledge and understanding throughout their time in school.  The underpinning philosophy and the nature of the school should be entwined, shaping decision making at all levels.  This course is aimed at senior leaders setting out on a journey of curriculum development. This is an opportunity to map out a vision for the future.


"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for Friday - I am excited about getting my teeth into the curriculum and changing it for the better."  "This has been so useful!  The day was so well structured and led us through the thought process clearly.  We now have an action plan and know what we want to achieve and how to do it."  "Excellent as ever and full of content that is useful.  Provided a great starting point to redefine and develop our curriculum.  Thank you."

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Subject Leadership 


Tuesday 1st October 2019 & Friday 17th January 2020 (Leeds)

Middle leaders play a pivotal role in shaping the curriculum and supporting teachers to deliver high quality lessons.  This practical two-day course equips leaders with the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to drive forward developments in foundation subjects.  


"I feel I have a clear vision and now know the steps I need to take next as a leader.  I feel inspired.  Thank you for all your support." 
"The resources really solidified the information and helped to drive all points home.  Vicky had some excellent advice and the examples really helped."

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Growth Mindsets: A practical approach


Friday 11th October 2019

Leave the day with an implementation plan in your hand, resources to kick start the process and feeling confident to harness growth mindset research in your school.  With input from schools who have successfully implemented growth mindsets, you'll be ready to lead whole school developments.


  “Superb resources.  Action plan to go away with.  Thank you for a brilliant day!"  “Vicky answered any questions thoroughly.” “Specific ideas to be implemented through school.  Very clear methods to support progress.  Clear examples given and excellent resources.  I am excited to share with other staff.”

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Leading Reading


Three-day course 2019-20 Leeds

This is an exhilarating course that has received excellent feedback from schools.  Aimed at reading leaders, this course helps colleagues to design and deliver effective whole school reading.  Build the necessary expertise to set out a vision and build the confidence, skills and knowledge you need to be able to support and develop classroom practice.

It covers: running effective whole class reading sessions; selecting texts to inspire; the ‘big 10’ reading comprehension strategies; practical activities that can be used with any book; questioning and improving book talk; exploring barriers to comprehension; reading aloud; and addressing the demands of the National Curriculum and tests. 

“Extremely useful.  The course is already having an impact on reading.” “I feel totally inspired and determined to improve reading.”  “Wow! Superb – brilliant ideas that I can use straight away in class.”  Colleagues attending this training have commented on how confident they feel to lead whole school reading developments.  Substantial gains in attainment have been made in KS1 and KS2 reading in schools who have implemented this training. “Hi Vicky, I am absolutely thrilled with our end of KS2 reading data. Overall 93% of our pupils attained the expected standard in reading with 38% of our pupils working at the higher standard.”

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Progression in writing


Three-day course 2019-20 Leeds

Supporting the development of writing across the whole school is challenging.  To know and feel confident about the standards in every year group, to understand how different genres become increasingly sophisticated, and being clear on how common barriers can be addressed is essential for the effective leadership of writing.  Being able to support, challenge and champion the teaching of writing requires a firm grasp of writing progression.

If you want to feel confident when reviewing pupils' writing, if you want to have the background knowledge necessary to create effective improvement plans, and if you want to be able to support colleagues in all year groups through advice and guidance, then this course will be extremely worthwhile to you.  Study the progression of writing across a range of genres.


"Excellent course.  Really useful and practical.  Clear resources that will help with the sequencing of teaching.  Great ideas for sentence level work and different build-up activities."  "Exceeded expectations and excited to share with other staff."

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Years 5 & 6 : teaching writing


Three-day course 2019-20 Leeds

This is a unique opportunity to study in-depth the most effective ways of teaching writing.  Working together across two terms provides teachers with a different experience to a single day course.  Through a rich blend of face-to-face training, peer coaching, individual support and an online learning platform, teachers feel supported in reflecting on and developing practice.  The course tackles issues Year 5 and Year 6 teachers tell us they experience and ensures evidence-based approaches are turned into practical actions. 


“Fantastic trainer – very inspirational and knowledgeable.” “Excellent variety of resources and ideas that I can’t wait to try out in school.”

“Lots of practical ideas.  Great illustrations of how to really embed learning.”  

“Fabulous resources, good themes for group discussions, lots of opportunities to share ideas and a variety of learning tools.”

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Leading metacognition


Thursday 21st November 2019, Weetwood Hall, Headingley, Leeds

Turn theory into reality with this practical course that focuses on harnessing the advantages of metacognition. Support learners to be highly effective and increase their levels of independence.


“Useful resources and excellent activities that I have been able to use in twilight training sessions in school.  Vicky is a very generous and engaging course leader.”  “Really practical resources.  Lots of activities to take back for immediate and long-term action.”


Supported by a wide range of resources and practical activities for classroom and whole school use, colleagues attending this course will be well placed to lead on the development of metacognition across the school. 

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Courses held at Weetwood Hall, Headingley, Leeds, West Yorkshire
In-house training
Courses can be designed to suit your need across a range of teaching and leadership issues, from single events to year-long programmes.

“After the final session I cannot tell you how many staff burst through my door very inspired by the activities they had been part of. I am delighted by the way this programme has developed all my leaders and managers. I know it will have a lasting impact on everyone who has been a part of it which of course will translate to the continued success of our school. I cannot thank you enough for understanding what I needed to achieve and being able to inspire and engage at such a high level.” Headteacher in reference to a year-long leadership programme.

“Just a quick email to say a massive thank you for the training you did on Tuesday. I have had many positive comments about it and people have made a point of coming to tell me about some things they have tried or changed over the past few days...which is great so thanks very much.” Headteacher in reference to a full training day focusing on reading.


“Just to say a very big thank you for your work on Friday. I very much appreciated your direct approach and your hard work.  I know the day will move the school on in our marking and feedback and increase the impact on pupil progress.” Headteacher in relation to a marking and feedback review day.

“A massive success and I thank you for your first class training and organisation.” Headteacher in relation to a multi school event for over 90 teaching assistants.

“I appreciate everything you've been doing with EYFS and transition. Staff have spoken extremely highly about everything. Both EYFS and KS1 have had successful moderations with the authority, and transition strategies that were worked out with you are going extremely well. You've really helped with helping to move both these key stages forward, and have a really successful year. A real credit to all involved.”  Headteacher in relation to an EYFS / Year 1 writing project.

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