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Course brochure now available

The 2019-20 course brochure is now available. Autumn term bookings for in-house training and consultancy support are now being taken.

Headteacher Leadership 6 half day sessions across the year;

Deputy Headteacher key issues programme 6 half day sessions across the year;

Phase leadership : a four day course;

Curriculum development for senior leaders : two-day course;

Subject leadership : two-day course;

Growth Mindsets : A practical approach;

Leading reading : three-day course;

Progression in writing : three-day course;

Years 5 & 6 teaching writing : three-day course

Leading metacognition.

All held at Weetwood Hall, Headingley, Leeds. Great venue & fabulous courses - what could be better?

Engaging activities to help plan next steps


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