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KS2 SATs Reading analysis 2017 and 2018

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

With just a few weeks to go, teachers in Year 6 may wish to consider analysis of previous KS2 Reading papers in order to prepare targeted lessons. The booklet attached to this blog has been designed to help teachers consider the type of preparation pupils are undertaking for KS2 Reading SATs, e.g. questions types, typical difficulties, points to watch out for.

Of course, the best preparation is high-quality teaching throughout the year, coupled with pupils thoroughly enjoying and consuming a large range of fiction and non-fiction texts both in school and out of school, plus a deep and rich curriculum! There should be natural overlaps between quality first teaching and testing, e.g. inference is a key comprehension skill and therefore its importance extends well beyond being able to answer test questions.

The test papers are designed to test the above areas. Take note of how many marks are typically allocated to 2b and 2d. Be aware that 'retrieval' is really 'retreival with interpretation' - see examples in the booklet attached to this blog post

For example, even in KS1 the retrieval questions require interpretation.

KS1 Retrieval question

A similar example in KS2...

It is important that pupils can verbally explain how they reached an answer. It is important for all adults, including TAs, to appreciate the nature of retrieval questions.

Utilising assessment:

Ideas for classroom activities

Download PDF booklet analysing the KS2 SATs papers and providing some thinking points on particular question types.

You may also wish to download booklets exploring the KS2 GPS paper and KS2 Mathematics paper:


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